Saturday, February 8, 2014

Can Women Improve Their Sex Drive?
Women's Sex DriveHave you lost interest in sex? Do you wonder why you no longer have sexual fantasies? Are you anxious about losing interest in sex? These are the symptoms of hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), according to the American Psychiatric Association.1
HSDD, or low sex drive, is fairly common. In fact, scientists interviewed 2207 American women in a study and learned that many of them had this problem.2 26.7% of the premenopausal women had low sexual desire. 52.4% of the naturally menopausal women from the surveyed group had the same issue.
But, as a woman, what can you do about sexual problems? You can start by learning what causes them and then find natural ways to help yourself. Sometimes, the causes are physical; other times, psychological.
The New York Times recently cited a study linking female sexual dysfunction to a physical condition — obstructive sleep apnea.3 People with obstructive sleep apnea experience an interruption in the flow of air through their airway, causing them to briefly stop breathing and then to gasp for air.
Scientists have even learned that this nighttime breathing problem can cause endothelial dysfunction, a condition in which the blood vessels can’t open properly.4 One study linked similar blood vessel problems to female sexual problems.5
Psychological issues can also interfere with a woman’s sex life. In a study from August 2011, scientists discovered that sexual dysfunction in women increased as they became more depressed.6
Thankfully, there’s one natural substance that has shown promise in helping women maintain the physical and psychological functions associated with a normal sex life. That substance is vitamin C.
A study from 2006 found that vitamin C could improve endothelial function, helping the blood vessels open properly.7 Scientists believe that blood must flow normally through the blood vessels to the vagina and clitoris in order for a woman to have normal sexual functions.5,8
Vitamin C has been shown to have a positive psychological effect, too. In one study, the mood of the participants improved after they were given this vitamin.9 They also had sex more frequently. The author says that the women participants benefited the most from vitamin C.
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