Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It is disputable but I think most women do take relationship too serious than men. When a lady is committed to a man she can go to any length in proving her love and that's why some ladies can opt for suicide when heartbroken, some can even throw up their skirt in a jiffy when their boyfriend threaten to quit their relationship or OUT OF "'LOVE/FOOLIS...HNESS'' agree to abort for him.

Most born again brethren(fire branded) do think we are too holy to fall into fornication that's why some brethren will never see anything wrong in spending nights with the opposite sex. There are precautions a woman can take during courtship so that she does not become a casualty of a man who may appear to be monogamous on the surface, but in reality wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

INVESTIGATION: After knowing God's will...the first and most important thing a woman should do when courting a man is to do a background check on him. Finding out if the man is as available as he says he is, and not just lying to get into a relationship while he has a wife and children at home or engaged with someone else, this will save any woman a lot of future trouble. Most background checks are inexpensive just take your time and study him. I know of a woman who discovered after their wedding that her husband already had 2 children before.

NO SLEEPING OVER: The second thing a woman wants to avoid doing during courtship is to not stay overnight at a man's house. Likewise, she must never invite him to her own house for any reason for an overnight stay. Such a practice is too risky and can very well end up in the woman being the result of a one-night-stand when the man disappears and is nowhere to be found when she discovers she is pregnant and all alone. One-night-stands do not make nor consummate a relationship. If only you can be patient enough there will be nights you wish to sleep alone later in your marriage.

COOKING MEAL: The third thing that you want to avoid doing is cooking meals for him during courtship. Laughs. I can't say I never did it too but I made a decision to stop it along the way. We are always so anxious to do everything for our man but it is reasonable enough to wait. Women have a gentle and caring heart. . Some women can be desperate to have a man, that they want to cook for him to entice/impress him, even though they are not married to him. Cooking meals is fine once you are married to the man. There are in fact men out there who like to travel from woman to woman, comparing not only how good they are in bed, but also compare their cooking. If a man suddenly leaves a woman he is dating, she will wonder if her cooking simply was not good enough, or if there is something else wrong with the man.

SEX DOESN'T CEMENT COURTSHIP: The fourth thing a woman should never do is get too emotionally involved with a man during courtship. Emotional involvement usually leads to sex, and sex has no place in courtship. If a man cannot seriously consider you as a potential wife, he should not be asking you to have sex with him. Neither should you ask for sex as a "proof" of his love. When you ask/seduce a man for sex you are practically telling him he has chosen wrongly (if he is born again) Love and sex remain mutually exclusive. Serious consideration for marriage is what is important in a relationship, not sex, since sex never "cements" relationships; rather, it is simply proves that the reproductive system works.If you both do not enjoy each other's company because sex is not involved then you better pray/check again.

The fifth and last thing a woman wants to avoid is cohabitation. While cohabitation is legal in 43 states (yes there are 7 states where cohabitation is illegal and punishable by law), This is also totally against God's standard for marriage. Besides, the mere practice degrades women since it gives the male the upper hand in practically every situation, including sex.
Consequently, women have to cook, clean, and provide sex for the man, all of which he gets for free. He is under no obligation to give her anything in return. In many cases, the woman also has to work to pay for the rent, utilities, food, and more. Should the cohabiting male get the woman pregnant then a wrong foundation has been set for their marriage.. Some men never saw the need to hurry up plans and get married when a woman moves in to live with them. Marriage protects women in so many ways, that modern women are not aware of this fact. Cohabitation uses women, and not in a good way. Therefore, cohabitation has no place in Christian courtship.

You can still make it right NOW.