Thursday, February 20, 2014

Parent Awake!

What does it mean to abuse a child SEXUALLY?

I will explain in a very plain form(Ignore my english). 

GOAL: The goal of this teaching is to fight sexual immorality right from the scratch(family) because I discovered (through counseling) that many people who are in sexual bondage had a history of sexual abuse as a child. They were opened up to sexual activities too early in their life, some overcame and some are still in the web.
ACTION POINT: Your commitment to this fight for sexual purity is to join me by SHARING all the messages as we proceed in the teaching.

I call child sexual abuse an ATTACK or a SEED OF IMMORALITY. Why? Simply because some people never got over its psychological and emotional effects.

My experiences.

ATTACK 1: When I was 6-7 years old my daddy's apprentice visited my family and he had to sleep over so we both slept on the same mat backing each other. In the middle of the night I suddenly noticed someone opened my pant from behind; I woke up and changed my sleeping position, on noticing this he closed his eyes and pretended he was sleeping. I couldn't sleep again so I joined my mum on her bed. Funny life! when my mum woke up later and saw me sleeping like Ruth beside Boaz feet; she sent me back to my mat but I bluntly refused and sat by her bedside till I slept off again.

ATTACK 2: On another occasion, my dad's apprentice assisted my mum to bath me; I felt uncomfortable with the way he touched my buttocks so I reported him to my mum that he touch my buttocks somehow. My mum laughed about it and discarded my report. Funny life! Till today my mum still make it a joke that I reported to her that my dad's apprentice touched my buttocks carelessly.

ATTACK 3: Came when I was 10 years old. My mum had gone to her shop and left I and my siblings in care of our neighbours. I and all my little friends were together playing MUMMY, DADDY and CHILDREN game. I was always the mummy because I love to cook with sand, water and stone(meat). Can you remember that film? So while ACTING mummy one day, the boy who acted the daddy hugged me so tightly(you know acting MUMMY & DADDY) I guessed we didn't really know what to do but touching each other was all we did.

ATTACK 4: The boy who did act the daddy was not around on a particular day hence we had to improvise, a girl was made the daddy of the day.( LESBIANISM IN DISGUISE) We were acting the mummy and daddy together on the bed, hugging,pecking and jumping on our parents bed.

ATTACK 5: I also engaged my little cousin in mummy and daddy's game with other children. I told him to let's do play under the wrapper. We both covered ourselves with blanket. Toying with each others sexual organs. Thank God for our big sister whose arrival scattered mummy and daddy's immoral play. She threatened to report us to our parent and being older I started begging and promised we would never do such again.

ATTACK 6: This came when I was in Secondary school. I was sleeping in the store with my friend( who happened to be my mum's friend's daughter). She place my hand on her breast and was rubbing her body. I woke up and left the store with shock and annoyance. I reported to my mum she discarded it as usual. She pacified me that the girl meant no harm. I knew better so I stayed away from her till we lost contact with the family.

ATTACK 7: My primary school teacher named Mr. Tinrin was not left out. It happened after evening class lesson; I and my friend Ronke were preparing to leave when he engaged us in a talk and because I love gist we waited. He started talking about REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS? Imagine! he lectured us as if our future depended on Biology. Hmm Mr. Tinrin sent my friend on know? he now started caressing my shoulder and neck. I stood up and told him I wanted to leave...he was holding me still till I could withdraw. I told my friend about it and I kept my distance away from him. The aftermath was that Mr. Tinrin made life unbearable for me till I passed out of primary school, he was always beating me in the class. If he beats others 2 strokes of cain, he would give me 6 strokes instead and I didn't tell my mum all through.

ATTACK 8: My english teacher lust after my lips while we were marking the exam papers in his office and before I know it he kissed my lips God knows what else he could have done if I didn't storm out of his office. He made life miserable for me from SS2-SS3. He beat me like a criminal and almost failed me in his subject. I told my mum about it.

ATTACK 9: Came when I was 20. I worked in a business centre after my WAEC. My boss (an elderly married man) was always pestering me for a relationship, he would promise me heaven on earth. He went as far as telling me the deflowering process is not painful. He would give me quick hug/ peck in the office and run off to his own, he would call me on phone and start telling me romantic things he would do with my body if I permit him, he would talk about sexual organs to spite me in the office. He continued this abuse until I cried and threaten to resign.

Do you remember all your experiences too? Our children mustn't experience all those ugly sexual abuse.

The journey was so rough yet the Holy Spirit kept me still. I am what I am today by His grace. He made me pass through it all KEPT ME FOR HIS PURPOSE and now I can teach "PARENTS AWAKE"'.

From my experiences above you should have an idea of what CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE is all about.

Child sexual abuse is a form of abuse in which an ADULT or an OLDER PERSON or ANOTHER CHILD uses a child for SEXUAL STIMULATION AND PLEASURE. They can use threats by warning children never to tell their parents.

1. Asking the child to engage in sexual activities
2. Indecent exposure of the private parts to a child
3.Physical sexual contact with the child(RAPE)
4.Using a child to produce a child pornography
5.Tongue-to-tongue kissing a child
6.Inappropriate fondling/caressing a child's sexual organs e.g penis, breast, buttocks, vagina e.t.c
7. Doing oral or anal sex on a child.


Prayer: Father please protect all my children, protect their destiny and destroy every evil seed of immorality in their lives in God name I pray.

Source: Our Lord Ministry Generation