Friday, February 14, 2014

Love in the air.....FUN TIME...


Dear love..., I may not be good with words because my English is not fluent, however -What I feel deep inside my heart persuades me to express myself mathematically: Every time I see you, you simultaneously divide my life into two equations. Because my feelings for you cross -multiply on a daily basis. Moreover, you inspire me to be greater than zero : >0.  Your smile keeps me in touch with the special angles of my heart. You make me feel relaxed on the X- axis where Y is equals to zero. When I come across you, I feel like I'm turning like a parabola and meet you on the turning point where I can utter three words to you: Words that describe the midpoint of my heart (deep inside!!!!).

Without you my heart is like a semi circle. Because you stole the other half. I will appreciate if we could come together and solve for x so that we both stop to be vertically opposite and start to be corresponding angles. I know you are intelligent enough to understand that when it comes to trigonometrical world, we are all positive
in the first quadrant........


After mathematicians love letter now comes an engagement letter in Mathematics, Proposal for marriage of Mr. Algebra's son to Mrs. Trigonometry's daughter:

My dear Trigonometry, with due calculation and measurement, given a thought to your notation about the
engagement of my son MASTER ZERO with your daughter MISS INFINITY, I have already taken the agreement of Mr. Solid Geometry- Mr. Analysis did not have any objection.
Furthermore, Mr. Statistics and Miss Astronomy predicted that their stars promise a happy and prosperous life. Moreover, Mr. Zero is famous and well known to all because it is usually found in many results after exams. He is such a stiff fellow that in spite of quarreling(*or- ) he remains unaffected.
Conversely, with regard to Infinity, she is very beautiful and moreover when she walks she never stops-so many intellectual giants have tried to check her but all in vain. Would you kindly inform me,after consulting formulae and log tables the suitable day for matrimonial?
Thanking you.

Yours correctly,
45 degree 15 minute
And 20 second

Source: love Mathematics 

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