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Samson : I will not do it! he replied angrily
Pelumi: You must do it dear, I am cork sure you can't deny this is the right thing to do" she became angry too
Samson: And what if I decide against your wish" He snapped back
increasing the tempo of her voice now
"Hmmm don't try me ooo" Pelumi warned her husband
''I keep wondering what is so difficult in saying sorry to me"
Samson: Exactly my point! why are you insisting that I must say sorry, I am refusing simply because of the pressure you are putting on me.
Pelumi: I won't take it lightly with you if you don't apologise to me, you know in your heart that you offended me.

The argument went on and on...

This all started as a joke between this wonderful couple until they got to the heat point.
Not denying the fact that MISUNDERSTANDING IS INEVITABLE IN A MARRIAGE; there is a time for romance and laughter, a time for cuddling and petting equally there is a time for disagreement.

Pelumi rightly knew that hell will break loose if a couple disagree and none of them is ready to bend or let go.
Pelumi made a decision never to let sleeping dog lie on this day because she felt cheated. she threatened her husband that she will revenge in future with the same attitude.

In the heat of the argument, Pelumi kept wondering...but my husband has never been stubborn like this??? so what is wrong?
She braced up herself...."I won't let go until he apologise to me"

Every couple do experience the heat moment. A moment which is devoid of romance and laughter; a time of misunderstanding and disagreement. It can progress to a point whereby you will begin to reason..."IS THIS THE MAN/WOMAN I FELL IN LOVE WITH" WHAT BROUGHT ABOUT THE CHANGE IN HIS/HER BEHAVIOUR? So many questions will keep flushing through your mind.

Dear couples, this is not a time to form a new opinion about your spouse personality neither is it a time to wrap up the marriage or courtship (as long as you are sure God led you into it.). This is also not a time to make negative resolutions for a revenge on your spouse.
This is the time to BEND. Someone has to bend.
This is the time to CLEAVE. You will suddenly realize how much you love each other even while you are feeling hurt. For instance, your appetite might just disappear, lying on the bed, backing each other and facing the wall whereas you are wishing your spouse can just talk to you...laughs

This is not a time to conduct adult naming ceremony for each other. Listen to this couple...

"You are an animal, idiot, bitch, product of a wretched family, I even wonder what push me into marriage with you in the first place. My family sponsored your university education and made you what you are today, misfortune creature! I never knew you are a loquacious and disgusting and disgruntled element....imagine a man calling his wife all these names. Hmmm

In reaction his wife said...

"Olori buruku, olosi, O oni ri batise, o ni ri ona gbegba, alaini tiju, ko de ni daa fun e....."

The woman cursed her husband in her Yoruba native language(Nigeria) which means he is shameless, misfortune, poverty-stricken and that he will not
prosper in life.

This couple later settle their differences and continue living as husband and wife few weeks after the fight.
I began to wonder, what about all those bad names and all those curses they showered on each other? Hmmm

A married woman shared how she shockingly discovered she has turned out to be exactly all the bad names her husband had ever called her in their heat moments. Especially "bitch" She said she became so wrathful and daring.


Pelumi was very sad and full of thought. The following day, while on her way to the office; a thought flushed through her mind. She remembered her husband always tell her "YOU ARE MY PROVERB 31 WOMAN"

Pelumi was extremely filled with joy and gradually her anger cleared off. She picked her Bible and opened to Proverb 31. She patiently read all the verses over again but this time she paused and meditated on verses 12 and 26.

"She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. She openeth her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness"

Pelumi: Wow, I will do Samson good and not evil...I will open my mouth with wisdom...hmmm so soothing. Even though he made me unhappy yesterday, I am proud of him and exactly what he called me I will always try to be. "PROVERB 31 WOMAN''

Samson  later apologised and their love life continues. They both learnt some lessons and agreed on a new stand

"Disagreement is inevitable in marriage therefore, no matter how we argue, disagree, yell, scream and shout at each other; there is no signing out, there is not going to be a separation, no divorce and no break up.


Do you see a man who is hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him. Proverbs 29:20

SCRIPTURES: Ephesians 4:29, Proverbs 16:24, 21:23,Matthew 12:36, 7:12 e.t.c. Read your Scriptures.

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Posted by Kay Cee