Saturday, February 8, 2014

When You Just Can’t Concentrate – Tips on How to Deal With Concentration Issues

by Native
We have all had one of those days, when you just can’t seem to keep your mind on task and sitting in an office seems like the last thing you should be doing. For those of us who do not suffer from ADHD and can’t understand why we are dealing with similar symptoms, tackling the reasons behind concentration issues can be tough.
The other day, I found my mind starting to wander and wavering between work projects, but I just couldn’t quite place my finger on why I was feeling this way. Granted, we all have a little stress in our lives, which can cause inattention, but mine isn’t anything to write home about.
So, I decided to look at a few variables and do some research on why I was having a hard time concentrating. After my research and an hour of feeling like I was getting nothing accomplished, I decided to take my pen tapping, leg fidgeting self for a walk- and this is why it helped.
Machine Mayhem
Dealing with too much technology can actually cause an overload in the brain. The calendars we used to have on our walls have now morphed into small devices we can put in our pockets. While it’s great to be able to call a friend from our cars and fax messages to other countries in the blink of an eye, in this machine age it’s important to remember we must take a break from it all. The key to coping with this overabundance of technology is to just turn it off. When you get home from work, turn off your phone, walk away from your television or computer, and take 20 minutes to unwind in silence.
Sleep Scarcity
A lack of sleep is a definite cause of low concentration. Sometimes we wake up in the morning feeling completely refreshed, while other days all we want to do is hit the snooze button- multiple times. This could be due to external irritants disturbing sleep.  It’s important to bypass anything that may interrupt healthy sleep routines, such as the television, late night snacks, caffeine and alcohol. Furthermore, making a habit of going to bed earlier can help restore you physically and mentally.
Exercise Elimination
Working out can cause you to lose extra calories and quell jittery feelings. Studies suggest exercising on a regular basis can help us feel more balanced and ultimately increase concentration and memory capacity. Sometimes long workouts are hard to schedule into busy days, but statistics have shown that even exercising for 20 minutes can improve inattentiveness.
Alternatively, there are some natural ingredients to help you get back in the game! Ingredients like Korean ginseng, Gotu kola and Rosemary, helps to support a healthy nervous system, promotes cerebral blood flow and acts as natural energizers. Incorporating natural ingredients and small, easy steps into your life can help stave off a lack of focus and concentration.
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