Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whom do you fear that you lie and sin against the Holy Spirit?

Sometimes we found ourselves in a tight situation and we bribe our way out by being disingenuous. Firstly, it could be to cover our shame e.g Sandra and Monica, some ladies who have lost their virginity while in secondary school can tell their husband-to-be that they are virgins. 
Secondly, to save ourselves from an assumed outcomes e.g Mr. James who thought he would be killed and lose his wife,
Thirdly, to retain our respect and dignity with people around us. What dignity can lies buy us? We forget that even if the person we are lying to doesn't know the truth: we know. In some cases they might know and just keep mute and watch us make a fool of ourselves.

Most times we lie because we don't want to hurt someone we love forgetting we are hurting someone who loves us and resides within us, yes the Holy Spirit.

Who do I fear above God that I lie?
Whom do you fear above God that you lie?

Let's make an effort to build the truth in us.

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