Thursday, November 24, 2016

12 wrong reasons to get married

12 wrong reasons to get married

Some people got married to their spouse simply because of the benefit of getting a stay permit in another country. It happens worldwide especially in the west and thus our number one. We do not wanna judge, however this is a wrong reason to get married. 

If you badly need a ring to wear then getting married is not the only means of having one; simply go to the store and buy one and wear. Laughs

You can't run away from house work forever and ever especially as a woman, if you want to leave your parent's house because you are tired of helping in your family house, then getting married is not the solution. More house chores await you there.

4. JUST LIKING THE IDEA OF MARRIAGE. Getting married simply because you just LIKE THE IDEA is like joining the Armed forces for the love of the uniform, don't forget you will go to the war-front. Marriage is full of beautiful moments and accompanied by many challenges.

5. LUST : Some people get married to to get a 24/7 fling partner..on the other hand, they end up not being satisfied due the desire on wanting something new...

Getting married to someone because of physical beauty is like buying a house because of it's paint. Anything can happen. Beauty is vain. Wrinkles will visit that beautiful face someday, those straight legs might bend with time. Look within...there in lies the real person

7. FEAR OF REJECTION. From experience I have seen some ladies who agreed to marry an abusive partner because of fear of not meeting any other man.

8. RUNNING OUT OF TIME AND GETTING OLDER. Do not settle down with just any next available man/woman because you are getting older day by day. Wait for your time. The waiting will soon be over. Get a life first-marriage is not an easy union...

9.NEED SOMEONE BADLY TO COMPLETE YOU: the search for soul mate might lead you to soul killer...many people out there are great pretenders , so take your time, get to know one another (and the family/.friends) for sometime before getting married.

Nowadays, most youths are forced to marry whoever impregnate them but with time troubles do set in and such marriages do not last. Please you must not marry someone that you do not love!!!!!

12. Family Coercion : persuading someone to do something ...with force. This happens worldwide especially in highly cultural / religious regions. This is like killing the soul of the person being forced to marry either due to financial reasons, family promise or any other cultural reasons. This has resulted to deaths and or sadness on the victim side and victims should stand up for their right , especially if you live in the West. 

13: Your turn: send in comment on your own wrong reasons to get married-remember to send in as many reasons as you want and share with your friends-it might help someone...Continues....... your point please

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