Thursday, November 24, 2016



1. The need for commitment:  If you are  genuinely in love with someone marriage is the highest commitment you can make with the one you love to prove your love for them-however be careful on your choice.

2. A desire to share your life with someone and the need to be watched by someone:to have someone else watch over you.However over dependent on someone can be risky....  

3.To have a lifetime companion/ a soul mate whom you can call your own and grow old together physically, spiritually and emotionally.

4.Need a help meet that is suitable for you to fulfill your God-given purpose

5. Need a praying partner who shares in your pains.

6. Wanting to be a blessing in fulfilling someone's purpose

7. Wants to share in someone's world and For mutual support

8.Wants to have and raise beautiful children...

9. Comfort together; you need someone who can ease your burden to give you a better outlook towards life during difficult moments of life.

10. You make each other feel special then the desire to have the person all to yourself

11. Want to share your success, love and worries with a special one. This is so important for all people, hence why all must take their time before starting a relationship.

12. Other: your chance to add your own point-feel free to share with your contacts

Source: Realtruth

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