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5 brilliant examples of how gaming can boost your fundraising
Charity gamification
Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry with a vast audience of people with time
and money, so presents a great opportunity to the charity sector.  Gamification 
can have many benefits including increased website traffic, virality and increased 
It can also be a way for charities to attract a younger audience and get them interested
in the cause.  In a report by the Charities Aid Foundation last year, it was stated that 
‘there is a real need to engage with people at a young age to give them an experience 
of charity’ and that ‘providing greater opportunities to learn about charity… can help ensure
that future generations not only grow up giving but are connected to a positive process of
engagement in civil society’. Gaming seems like an ideal way to do this, presenting a fun 
and educational way to engage young people.
Next month, Reuben Turner from the Good Agency will be delivering a session called 
Giving and gaming: what works and what doesn’t at the free virtual conference, 
Fundraising Online.  I’m looking forward to hearing from Reuben about the future 
potential of gaming in the charity sector.
Here are some great examples that I’ve come across of charities successfully using 
gaming to raise money or awareness for their cause:
Help for Heroes – Hero Bears app
The Hero Bears app was created for free by Supersonic Software and brought to 
market by AppyNation to raise money for Help For Heroes, with £1 from the sale of 
every game going to the charity. As well as raising funds, it has also raised awareness of 
the charity, with well-known people, such as Boris Johnson, coming out in support of 
the app.
Hero bears - charity gaming
Swedish Red Cross – Charity arcade
A joint initiative by the Swedish Red Cross and Stockholm Arlanda Airport saw donation 
boxes in the Swedish airport being turned into classic arcade games, making it more fun 
to donate and giving passengers something to do while waiting for their luggage!
Swedish Red Cros - Charity gaming
RNLI – Boating safety
The RNLI website has a whole range of games on their website, including the one 
pictured below which aims to educate young people on boating safety.
RNLI - Charity gaming
Save the Children – Give Girls Power
The Give Girls Power campaign by Save the Children included a fantastic 
example of how a serious message can be delivered in an interactive way 
using gamification.
Save the Children - Charity gaming
WWF – Wildlife education
This is a great example of a charity using gaming to get young people interested in their 
cause from a young age.  As well as online games, the WWF website has resources for 
offline games, such as how to make an African elephant finger puppet!
WWF - Charity gaming

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