Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Help Oluomachi Fight the Fight.

My organisation and I recently went to West Africa in order to help displaced women and children. During my visit, I met the Ekwugha family-from a small town in South Eastern Nigeria. A kind and welcoming family who wants the best for their children -eventhough they are struggling to make a living.Importantly, there is an urgent need of  support through donations because their little daughter Oluomachi (2years) was diagnozed with a hole in the heart/enlargement of the heart in March 2014 and she is going to require an open heart surgery in India. As you know,medical cure requires quite a lot of money. The family is having a hard time keeping up with this situation especially the expenses involved which is beyond their ability.  

We have been in communication with the RABINDRANATH TAGORE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CARDIAC SCIENCE (RITIICS) in Kolkata India and a space has been provided for urgent and immediate heart surgery. The total cost including traveling expenses ( with her mum) is put at USD 35,000.00. Her condition is slowly getting worse, but doctors are still saying it's possible to save her life if urgent steps are taken. 

We are asking you to assist us raise this money to save this little girl's life, Oluomachi is beautiful and we know she has a great future ahead of her.And with your help/kindness , she will surely succeed.

We will greatly appreciate all your support to help Oluomachi get the surgery that she needs to save her life.The words ‘thank you’ don’t seem enough but please know that the Ekwugha family is  incredibly grateful to you, from the bottom of their hearts and  thank you in anticipation of your support in this very difficult time in their family.

Thank you in advance & may the good lord bless and regard you.
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