Saturday, August 2, 2014


Women suffer most when marriage goes wrong. Its not that men wish them to do so but its in their blood line not to leave their kids behind. The poorest woman would never agree with her economic statistics that she is not buoyant to carry her children along. Men have wings. They could fly away easily and only remember to fly back when things have changed better for them. When you read Ben Carson's books like 'Think Big' or 'The Gifted hands', you would see the spirit of womanhood in his mother, Sonya Carson. She never gave them up. She lived through many odds and found her strength in what may become of Ben and Murphy his brother. Women are the greatest shelter in the history of humanity. But, today, most women have given up on this great quality they have. There are abandoned families today because mothers have left their dear families and marriages behind. That is an outcast life style. I have met women who have thrown in their towels and quit the fight. You don't have to. Even children always trust their mothers when the going gets too tough. Its too early to disappoint your kids. Its time to wake up and prove your storm wrong.
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