Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Top 5 Most Popular Biblical Baby Names 

Parents have given Biblical names to their kids ever since, well, the Bible. And while our culture continues to introduce new entries into the naming lexicon – 38% more Kanyes joined the population last year, according to – Bible names have staying power.

Out of BabyCenter's 100 Most Popular Baby Names of 2013, here are the top 5 Biblical baby names for boys and girls. Their ranks among the top 100 are in parentheses.


Noah, of The Flood (5)
Ethan, author of Psalm 89 (8)
Jacob, who became Israel (9)
Benjamin, son of Jacob (13)
Michael, an archangel (14)

Abigail, wife of David (14)
Hannah, mother of Samuel (23)
Anna, prophetess in the temple (36)
Leah, wife of Jacob (42)
Sarah, wife of Abraham (43)
With a slate of Biblical movies coming in 2014, expect Biblical baby names to gain even more ground. That's cool, because getting a name license plate for a Benjamin or Bethany is a lot easier than finding one for a Bilbo or Burgundy.

Source: Family Union US